Discover our spanish speaking method in Marin County


“There is a wonderful person I know that just so happens to teach Spanish. Solveig Flores! And she has her own school now, something she has always wanted. I have studied with her for about 4 or 5 years and I hate to miss a class because it is so much fun. No intimidation, no tests…just gentle, conscientious, useful teaching. We converse about our lives or what is in the news in Spanish, we read stories and books in Spanish, we have danced and even sung…all the while learning not just the language but the cultural aspects as well. She has a corral of great teachers and they teach all levels of Spanish.
I cannot say enough good about sweet “Solvita” and I highly, highly recommend to those wanting to learn Spanish to sign up with the Best in Marin, Solvita Spanish School”.

Dani Kazee

“I have to say that learning Spanish has never been so much fun. You can improve at any level, from beginner to advanced while enjoying yourself tremendously. The method has style, the books and stories are very interesting and Solveig is an amazing teacher”

Al Negrin

“I have always wanted to speak Spanish.  Volunteering for a local non-profit in San Rafael where many of the clients are Spanish-only speakers, I felt compelled to begin studying Spanish with a school that emphasizes both grammar and conversation.  I have found this in Solvita Spanish School.  I am now able to communicate much better with my clients.  I have learned so much from Solvita.  It is the perfect Spanish school to learn this wonderful language”.

Nancy Higginbotham

“I decided to take Spanish classes three years ago because I had the desire to communicate with Spanish speaking people here and abroad. I also had read articles that taking a foreign language is good for increasing brain function. I was very fortunate in meeting Solveig Flores who has had a lifetime experience in being an educator in her native Venezuela and then here in Marin for another 20 years.  Not only is Solveig an
excellent teacher but her staff has the same dedication and skills that she has.  It has been an extra bonus to find out about the people and cultures of the Spanish speaking countries. Learning Spanish at Solvita Spanish School has been an enriching experience and one that I would recommend to all”.

Steve Thal

“At Solvita Spanish School I have found both the classroom environment and teachers to be warm and welcoming.  The group classes are small enough to allow plenty of interaction.  I would recommend Solvita Spanish to anyone interested in learning Spanish”.

Russell Lachelt

“I very highly recommend Solvita Spanish School. Both Solveig as well as her staff are expert teachers, and to be with any of them is a true pleasure. My progress in learning Spanish has been greatly accelerated! Learning Spanish in this beautiful, and comfortable space along with welcoming, patient and kind students is a joyous endeavor that I look forward to every week”.

Ellen Deck

“Solvita Spanish is the 3rd Spanish Language School I have attended in Marin. Solvita Spanish is by far the best. Solveig Flores and her staff from various Latin American countries are invested not only in teaching basic and advanced grammar, their goal is for the student to have an understanding of the Latin culture as well as a working knowledge of speaking outside the classroom. Solvita Spanish is a very warm, welcoming and fun environment. I love it as do so many of my friends.”

Kriss Knight.

“I look forward for the classes, they are a weekly event for me. I enjoy the time more than the learning … and that makes me learn Spanish. Solveig is very patient and persistent… that keeps me coming back and makes her successful with me.”

Judy Lane