Learn Spanish with our group classes in Marin County

Our Classes

In Solvita Spanish School we have created several options for students to receive classes. Each class has its specific advantage. They are organized by level of knowledge of the language and make an interesting offer for those looking to learn Spanish in Marin County. These modalities are adapted to your needs and preferences, whether you prefer to study as a group or privately and if you seek conversational Spanish or wish to improve reading comprehension. We also offer private lessons or group classes at home or by Skype. Students may select one alternative or a combination of them if they want to advance a faster pace.

We invite you to visit us. Participate without charge in one of our lessons, so we can recommend a class for your level. That way you become familiar with our school, teaching methods, and our friendly team of teachers while you share with us tea or coffee (un cafecito o una taza de té) and we can discuss which road to take in your learning adventure with us. We are here to accommodate to your needs.


We offer three levels of group classes – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We determine your correct level based on how much Spanish you already know. Group classes have a minimum of three students and a maximum of eight.

One-on-one Lessons

Individual classes can be arranged based on your needs and the availability of an instructor. Weekend classes are also available. We can give one-on- one lessons in our classrooms, at your home or office, or at any other location you desire.


Conversation Workshops are perfect for students at all levels who want to practice speaking in an informal setting with a teacher who helps with material, vocabulary and grammar.